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Smart Care Dispenser - Instructions

Handling instructions


Description of content: Self-adhesive bracket / Cleaning wipe / Unlocking key for changing the bottles

1.    Before mounting the bracket, use the enclosed alcohol wipe to clean the supporting surface. The area onto which you wish to mount the system should be:
•    Stable and free of dust (do not adhere to wallpaper or rough plaster)
•    Clean and dry (free of dirt, fat, oil, silicone film or other impurities)
2.    Remove the protective film from the adhesive strip on the bracket.
3.    Attach the holder with at least 8cm distance from the sink to ensure sufficient space for the bottle exchange. Keep the bracket upright and press it firmly against the wall. Do not position the bracket over grout lines, since the adhesive effect will be reduced. IMPORTANT: Do NOT load the bracket within the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to develop its effect.



Description of content: Bracket for screwing / Screws, Dowels / Screw covers /Unlocking key for changing the bottle

1.    Mark the positions for the two screw holes on the wall.
2.    Drill the two screw holes and insert the dowels.
3.    Insert the supplied screws through the holes of the bracket and secure the system firmly on the wall.
4.    Now position the screw covers over the screws on the mounted holder.


1.    Hold the bottle upside down-with the cap facing downwards- and position it beneath the bracket.
2.    There is a rail in the holder to guide the bottle in the upward position. A faint click will notify that the bottle is firmly in position.
3.    Prior to first use, remove the transport cap from the valve.
4.    Wrap one hand around the bottle and press until the desired quantity is dispensed.






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