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About ADA International

For the best care experiences


More and more hotel clients want to be pampered in their private bathrooms with high-quality cosmetic products they know from with stars awarded hotels. Europe’s leading producer of hotel cosmetics offers the consumer an extensive range of exclusive cosmetic products and accessories. No matter if you need body care in the bath room, in the sauna or after your fitness workout – our cosmetic paradise offers extensive care lines with natural spirit, classic elegance until trendy cross culture.


Since the company was founded in 1979, ADA stands for premium quality. We exclusively produce high-class cosmetic products that are suitable for todays and tomorrows care needs with high-quality ingredients that are especially skin-friendly and product safe. Simply the best – so you can feel  at ease in your own skin.



Good is, what is inside


All used raw materials and plant extracts are only bought from suppliers that comply with our strict quality directives. Additionally, the ingredients are tested in our own laboratory and if they pass our strict controls they will be processed in our modern production facility.

The production takes place under strict hygienic precautions and further controls are carried out. We mostly do not use synthetic or chemical additives without restricting the product safety. When a product has passed every step of our control system it can be bottled. This extensive safety chain meets the requirements of international cosmetic production standards and applies naturally to all ADA products. Continuous product tests ensure the quality even after production.



Thinking about the future


ADA always took the concerns of nature seriously. Therefore, there are consequences for our products and the way they are produced. In order to save resources we mainly use ingredients on the basis of renewable plant raw materials. Animal-based ingredients are not used at all. Furthermore, the use of traditional preservatives is limited to a minimum. Our aim: safe and environmentally friendly products.

We also stand up for a sustainable handling of our natural resources. All used tensides are over 90 percent biologically degradable. The development of our recyclable press+wash-system stands for our aim to produce products that are environmentally friendly and economically. Modern product technology makes it possible to meet the environment regulations. Additionally, they save water and energy and reduce emissions, waste and noise.


You reject animal experiments? We, too. Since the foundation of our company in 1979 we have never carried out any experiments on animals.  Since 1993 all products tested on animals are prohibited in general.

You have discovered our body care products during your holidays?

You are back home and would like to feel as if you were still on vacation? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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